What is Prophaze WAF?

Prophaze WAF is a managed Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service used by organizations, businesses, and SaaS providers along with their DevOps and security teams to protect their web-facing assets from all types of cyber threats. This enterprise-grade WAF service is an economical substitute for traditional or legacy-based WAFs which costs of ownership, deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and tuning are high. Prophaze WAF can be deployed on all types of environments, including public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise. It is also a native WAF for Kubernetes that secures microservices across Kubernetes clusters from malicious or illegitimate traffic and requests.

Overview of Prophaze WAF Features

· Holistic Threat Protection

Overview of Prophaze WAF Benefits

Holistic Protection from Threats

Through automation and artificial intelligence, Prophaze WAF makes it possible for you to implement a holistic cybersecurity strategy designed to protect all your web assets, including applications, services, APIs, and endpoints, from all types of threats no matter which environments they are running. Prophaze WAF uses an AI-based firewall that can detect and block illegitimate traffic, algorithmic attacks, and exploited vulnerabilities in real-time before they reach your applications, APIs, and Kubernetes microservices.

Alternative to Conventional Web Application Firewall’s

Prophaze WAF is an alternative to traditional or legacy-based web application firewalls. Compared to conventional WAFs, Prophaze WAF can be implemented, managed, and maintained with lesser cost and effort. In fact, it is equipped with intuitive and automated features that relieve you and your DevOps and security teams of the burden of handling your WAF and the security posture of the organization.

Security Technology Integrations

One of the essential features offered by Prophaze WAF is that you can integrate the service with your existing stack of security management technologies. You can connect your SIEM, security monitoring, and communications software products to Prophaze WAF, like Splunk, Datadog, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. This integration enables you and your teams to receive notifications about security events, incidents, and threats across environments directly from those software products. As a result, you can extend and enhance the capabilities of your tools to gain greater security and compliance without changing or replacing your current work processes.

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